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At Studio G. R. Martin our philosophy is simple: Strive for excellence. We recognize the power of the lens and we use it creatively to transform a photo session into an artistic experience. We help you achieve the image you will cherish for a lifetime. We strive to capture the unexpected laugh, the once in a lifetime ceremony and all the little details that make a wedding day or a family reunion unique. Most of all, we have fun doing it and so will you!

Established in 1981, Studio G. R. Martin unites a family of photographers; husband & wife team Guy & Julie along with Guy's daughter Joelle. Together, they share their passion for the photographic arts. Having combined new innovations in technology with the "Old Masters techniques", they offer an unparalleled product that captures your life's memories as well as your hearts.

Collectively, they have won Ontario's portrait photographer of the year (Professional Photographers of Ontario) in 2001,2004,2009, Ontario's Best wedding album of the year 4 times since 2001 and Canada's best wedding album of the year in 2006 (Professional Photographers of Canada - PPOC).They have been nominated 10 times as PPOC's Canadian Portrait Photographer of the Year. They have over 75 provincial, national & international awards including the Grand Prize for "THE WALL & THE FALLS" international print competition (PPA-PPOC-CAPA-CAPS). Following this award, they were invited to China to represent North America at the Awards ceremony in Beijing.

Studio G.R. Martin has won many awards for their work, click here for a full awards list.

Guy Martin

Guy Martin founded the studio in 1981, in Ottawa, after graduating 1st in his 1976 photography class in Montreal. His professionalism and innovative photography style made his reputation climb quickly as the "must see photographer" in the Ottawa community. He is known as the "Expert" of Portrait and Wedding photography and never ceases to amaze us with his new lighting and posing techniques. Guy always gives more than 110 % to his clients/friends. He is the "M. CONSISTENT" of every photo session he creates. He will go the extra mile to design the perfect portrait for you by often visiting your home, choosing the location for the portrait and the perfect frame to enhance and match your decor to perfection. He believes photographs are worth printing and deserve wall space in your homes, not just computer hard drive space. Guy always has many projects on the go. From May to late fall, you will most likely find Guy somewhere in his garden planting, redesigning and preparing a new area for his outdoor photo sessions. He designs and builds all the sets and backdrops for our indoor and outdoor studios by combining cool designs and building materials that just fits perfectly when put together. His dance sets are an example of his innovative ideas. As much as backgrounds and props are important,he still believes in simplicity. This is where posing skills become essential to be a successful portrait artist. Guy excels at observing a person and positioning them in a way that will make them look their best. Understanding body movement and capturing a subject's personality through the lens is a skill he has fully mastered. He is in every way, a true artist.

Julie Robichaud-Martin

Julie Robichaud-Martin graduated in photography from "La Cite Collegiale" in Ottawa, in 1995. With the "best portfolio of the year award" in her hands, she quickly joined Studio G.R. Martin photography that year to work as an assistant and became a professional photographer in 1997. Julie brings innovation with an artistic flare to the studio. In 2001, she started to incorporate new digital and scanning techniques to the "film only" studio and by 2005, Studio G. R. Martin photography was 100 % digital. Julie loves to research and introduce new software programs. She developed a production line and retouching style that is now unique to Studio G. R. Martin. She is a retouching expert and insists on custom printing everything, especially her artistic wall portraits and paintings. She also loves to paint the new sets that her husband builds. She travels and attends digital, video and photography workshops every year to help maintain a position on the cutting edge of photography. She believes that "home is where the heart is" and this is why she loves her in-home business. As a working mother, she can balance work and family life a little better... She loves to get to know her clients and make them feel at home by often making coffee and offering little sweet treats! She is a people person and this is the reason behind her success as a portrait photographer. She is in every way, a true perfectionist.

Joelle Martin

It's official, Joelle Martin inherited her father's passion for photography! At 19, Joelle graduated in photography from "La Cite Collegiale" with numerous scholarships and the awards for : Best Portfolio of the Year, and Best Portrait of the Year. Since then, she has joined us full time as a photographer, retoucher, multitasking queen and social media expert. Her attention to details is unmatched! There is nothing that she enjoys more than spending her Saturdays shooting weddings. At the reception, we'll usually see her crying behind her camera during the father-daughter dance, luckily, she has autofocus... She is in every way, passionate about photography!

Here is a little something Joelle wrote from the heart. "Thanks to my father, I am one of those lucky people that has a lot of family albums. Now, as a photographer, I have the ability to capture the greatest and happiest moments in people's lives. As much as I love the digital world of photography, it also scares me. I see so many great photos that never get a chance "at life" (meaning they are posted on facebook and other social media venues or stored on computer hard drives). I am so grateful that I will be able to show family, friends and hopefully my kids all my great souvenirs... without having to log onto facebook, which odds are, won't exist anymore! I realize now that my job is very important and why I love working on wedding albums, lifestyle books and print images. Knowing that our studio's work and artistic images will serve as great souvenirs to generations to come is a wonderful feeling."

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