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Portrait Tips

Clothes: Dress to feel comfortable. Avoid busy patterns, stripes, plaid or lettering (Solid colors and textured fabrics look best). Avoid bright colors for classic portraiture styles. Don't forget appropriate shoes and matching socks (no white socks with black pants). If taking a group picture, everyone should wear complimentary colors. The outfits don't have to be identical to look good; however, you don't want everyone in light colors and one person in black. Matching tones & long sleeves will help keep the focal point on the faces (especially for close-ups)

Hair: Avoid new cuts or styles just before your photo session. Avoid long bangs that get in your eyes or cause shadows on your face. A bit of hair spray also helps to smooth stray hairs that can become prominent due to the studio light or sun light.

Makeup: Men and women should use cover up to minimize blemishes, and powder is essential to eliminate shine. Makeup for women should be natural, and some is better than none to even out skin tone, cover under eye circles and blemishes, and emphasize eyes and lips. Makeup should be as you usually wear it in the evening when going out for a formal occasion. This means more than during the day, more contrast and especially more powder. A matte look is very important to minimize shines on your forehead, nose and checks. Avoid oily based makeup.

Nails: Fingernails should be nicely manicured for both men and women, as hands can show in the portraits. No chipped polish!

Men: A fresh shave looks the best, and if you have a mustache or beard, have it neatly trimmed.

Glasses: Glasses can cause glare, distortions and magnifications that cannot be fixed. We do all we can to minimize and eliminate these problems but there are limitations!

Skin: Avoid sun exposure or tanning beds at least three days prior to your photo session.

Facial Retouching: Images include retouching for blemish removal, stray hairs, lightening dark under eye circles and softening of wrinkles. There is an extra cost for retouching sunburns, removing braces and any other specific requests.

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